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Monday, June 26, 2006

Sunday Scribbler response June 26th


Music is expression. Not necessarily expression without words, but that would be a more poetic way of explaining its place in our daily lives. No, music is in a category of its own. It lacks the shape of a smile, the warmth of a hug, or the dampness of tears. But don't be fooled--
Just like roses, music has its own language...not that it bothers to translate very well.
Musicians know the frustation of pounding their emotions into an instrument, only to receive the opposite result they desire. A mournful melody warps into 'Sparrow on a Spring Morning' or something equally jovial. And, while Sparrow is trilling an ode to the sun, a cloud comes up and lightning strikes our cheerful little friend. Or, perhaps, a comical little bumble bee likes to appear. All this, while one is attempting to return to a minor key and explain to the world that it has been a very bad day.
Of course, it's then very easy to express insanity as one tries to verbally reason with their instrument. Especially after an incident as shown above. Or ,perhaps, when one is preparing for a recital and has only had their sheet music for a month and hasn't felt the need to practice and then reallizes that the recital is sooner than they thought and--
Then again, that's music for you. Or human nature. Take your pick. We have a heart beat, music has a metronome. We speak in english, music speaks in emotions. Music reaches deeper than words, but it's influence is limited. No, not limited by the cranky teacher who doesn't allow a CD player (but perhaps one could convince him to be a little more open minded). No, I am adressing the fact that sadness is universally understood, its cause is not. Happiness is easily expressed, but the reason for its existence is not. Words are the accompaniament. So, looking at Music as expression...Words are the explanation.
Words are the translation.
And Words are exactly what I am running out of right about n--


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